Gallagher family from Co. Mayo
Gallagher Y-DNA and Royal Ancestry
A genealogical Y-DNA 37 marker test by one of Edward's descendants reveals the expected Gaelic origins.  The Y-DNA results are posted on the Gallagher Project page under the name of "Edward Gallagher, 1857-1919, Co. Mayo Ireland" (kit No. 167421).  The haplogroup is estimated as R1b1b2, and falls under the modal haplotype of "King Niall of the Nine Hostages".  Niall was a High King of Ireland who ruled about 400 AD and founded the Uí Néill dynasty which lasted until the 11th century, the most significant dynasty of early medieval Ireland.  Niall has also been credited with kidnapping and bringing St. Patrick to Ireland.  The association between King Niall and the specific Y-DNA haplotype was discovered in a research project by Trinity College, Dublin and published in February 2006.  The adoption of surnames started about 1,000 AD in Ireland, and Gallagher was already one of the surnames known to be descended from the Niall dynasty.

Gallagher Y-DNA Project

Descendant chart of Edward Gallagher 1857 - 1919  (EKA of this Gallagher family)


Gallagher Ancestry chart  (earliest known ancestor - Edward Gallagher)
About this 'Gallagher Page'
This page includes information on the family history of Edward Gallagher b.1857 Co. Mayo, Ireland, who raised his family in West Hartlepool, England.  Also included are links to other Gallagher families and resources.

The Gallagher name

Gallagher is an anglicisation of the Gaelic name Ó Gallchobhair (the feminine form being Ní Ghallchobhair) and means 'foreign helper'.  Gallagher is the most common name in Co. Donegal, the home of the Ó Gallchobhair sept, and the 14th most common name in Ireland.  Mayo had the second highest number of Gallagher families of all Irish counties about the time of the Griffiths Valuation (c1858).
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3-Edward Gallagher (1857-1919)
Number of Gallagher households by County
about the time of Edward's birth c1857

Antrim        13     Armagh         31
Belfast city  21     Carlow          6
Cavan         22     Clare          44
Cork          56     Cork city       2
Derry        109     Donegal      1732
Down          25     Dublin         41
Dublin city   17     Fermanagh     215
Galway        41     Kerry           9
Kildare       21     Kilkenny        3
Laois          8     Leitrim       262
Limerick      31     Limerick city   4
Longford      29     Louth          17
Mayo         627     Meath          47
Monaghan      13     Offaly         28
Roscommon     84     Sligo         254
Tipperary      4     Tyrone        228
Waterford     11     Westmeath      48
Wexford       10     Wicklow        12
How common is the surname?

This table shows how common the Gallagher surname was in Ireland by county during the 1848-1864 Griffiths Valuation.  If the surname is very rare then, a name which matches one's ancestor is more likely to be the correct person.  If the name is common, as with "Gallagher", then more details are needed to verify the match.  This information is available for most Irish surnames at the Irish Times web site.
1-Charles "Alfred" Gallagher (1912-2011)
Austen family page
2-Thomas Edward Gallagher (1879-1926)
(Gallagher descendant chart)

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The Paul family (from Co. Sligo?)

The earliest record found so far for Susan Paul's family (wife of Edward Gallagher) is the civil marriage certificate of her parents, Patrick Paul and Mary Cassidy in Newcastle upon Tyne, England in 1847.  According to the marriage certificate their fathers were Richard Paul (a labourer) and Thomas Cassidy (deceased).  As the census data indicates they were both born in Ireland, it seems probable that they had emigrated to England because of the Irish potato famine in the 1840's.

According to the 1861 census Patrick and Mary Paul were living in Dawdon, Easington Co. Durham.  They were aged 35 and 30 respectively and both were listed as being born in Ireland while their two children were born in Newcastle upon Tyne.  Patrick was a miner at this time.

In the 1871 census Mary Paul was recorded as 'Head of family' and 'Married' with her 3 children including Susan who was to marry Edward Gallagher in 1877.  The 1871 census also lists Patrick Paul as an inmate of the Sunderland Union Workhouse in North Bishop Wearmouth.  He was recorded as a 46 year-old labourer born in Sligo, Ireland.  By the 1881 census Mary was a widow.

In the Griffiths Valuation for Sligo (where Patrick Paul was born according to the 1871 census), the only Paul recorded is a James Paul.  Nearly all of the 128 Paul households in Ireland were in Northern Ireland.  Also, no Paul baptisms show up in the surviving parish registers for County Sligo on the Irish Family History Foundation web site.

Richard Paul c1800 descendant chart

(Paul descendant chart)
Known children of Edward Gallagher 1857-1919 & Susan Paul 1861-1947
         (all children born in West Hartlepool, County Durham, England)

1.  John 'Joseph' (1878-1951)
     mar. May Calvert, stayed in UK, living descendants in UK
2.  Thomas Edward (1879-1926)
     mar. Ethel Austen, stayed in UK, living descendants in UK & USA
3.  James William (1881-1882)  (see "Family tragedies")
     died at 14 months from burns, infant brother put burning wood into cradle
4.  (Molly) Mary (1883-1956) 
to USA
     emigrated to USA 1911, mar. Robert Bruce, living descendants in USA
5.  Edmund (1885-1886)  (Death certificate)
     died at 11 months due to Bronchitis
6.  (Kitty) Catherine (1886-1920)
     mar. Robert Walker, stayed in UK, one child but no grandchildren
7.  Charles Edwin (1888-c1950) 
to USA
     mar. Frances Patterson, emigrated to USA 1923, had no children
8.  Susan (1889-1892) (see "Family tragedies")
     died age 3 from burns, playing with matches
9.  William (1890-1957) 
to USA
     mar. Rebecca  Evans, emigrated to USA 1922, living descendants in USA
10. Agnes (1892-1987) 
to USA
      emigrated to USA 1912, mar. William Herzog, living descendants in USA
11. Cecelia (1894-c1980) 
to USA
      emigrated to USA 1920, mar. William Bruce, living descendants in USA
12. Bernard 'Vincent' (1895-1975)
      mar. Ethel Wanless, stayed in UK, living descendants in UK
13. Madeline (1897-c1965) 
to USA
      emigrated to USA 1919, mar. Charles Reining, had no children
14. Paul (1898-1985) 
to USA
      emigrated to USA 1923, mar. Mary ?, had no children
15. (Nora) Susan Westoe (1900-1982) 
to USA
      emigrated to USA 1919, mar. Anthony Becht, had no children
16. Frederick Ward (1901-1964) 
to USA
      emigrated to USA 1919, mar. Margaret McIntyre, living descendants in USA
10. Agnes
11. Cecelia (Bio)
16. Frederick
13. Madeleine
14. Paul
2. Thomas (Bio)
12. Vincent (Bio)
15. Nora

1. Many of the family photos above have been kindly provided by various descendants of Edward and Susan Gallagher.

2. Hartlepool death dates and details for some of the Gallaghers are from old newspaper records and local
cemetery records kindly provided by Grenville Davies of Hartlepool.

Earliest known ancestor (Edward)
Our earliest known and documented Gallagher ancestor (EKA) to date is Edward Gallagher from County Mayo, Ireland.  According to family lore, Edward Gallagher was born in Ballina, County Mayo, and UK census records put his birth date at c1857.  However, the earliest written records on Edward that have been found so far, are from his marriage to Susan Paul in 1877, at St. Joseph's Church, West Hartlepool, County Durham, England.  Unfortunately, Edward's father remains a mystery as he is named "Anthony" on the civil marriage record, "Patrick" on the church register, but could well be "John" based on other circumstantial evidence.  In any case, all three first names in conjunction with "Gallagher" were fairly common in the Ballina area and so it has not been possible to identify Edward's probable parents to date.
Click here for more information on Edward Gallagher b1857.
Edward Gallagher
(click for biography)
9. William
4. Molly

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DNA test results for this Gallagher family

                   Y-DNA:, kit No. 167421 (Edward Gallagher b1857, Co. Mayo)
                   Autosomal DNA:, (Adam Gallagher)
                                      , kit M150652
      King Niall (c400 AD)
Niall Dynasty (c400 - c1100 AD)
                   |-------- Gallagher
                   |-------- Doherty
                   |-------- Connor
                   |-------- etc.