Bristol Air Defences, 1939 - 1945

Recollections by BQMS Charles Alfred Gallagher,  28 March 1978
Bristol (England) was subjected to bombing raids throughout World War II.  The bombing raids killed about 1,300 civilians and destroyed over 85,000 properties including six historic churches and most of the city centre.

Heavy anti-aircraft artillary (Ack-Ack) was Bristol's main defence with several gun emplacements around the city.  In 1978, Charles Alfred Gallagher finally committed to paper his recollections while serving at these gun sites around Bristol as Battery Quartermaster Sergeant (BQMS) during the war.  The link below is a copy of a personal communication typed by C. A. Gallagher to Mr. Ian James of Gloucestershire who was researching information for a book in 1978.
1941 Ordnance Survey map of Bristol marked
up by BQMS Gallagher to show the gun sites
(click to enlarge)
Biography of BQMS C. A. Gallagher (1912-1911)
BQMS Charles Alfred Gallagher (1912-2011)
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Photos of Bristol during the Blitz
Certificate of Service for BQMS Gallagher
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.Bristol Air Defences, 1939-45 by C A Gallagher
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